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Valentines’ day and getting ready for Elementary School(バレンタインデーと小学校の準備)

Kindergarten blog post

Hello, everyone! And welcome back to our final blog post for our 2023 – 2024 English Speaking Classes at Choyo Kindergarten! What a pleasure it has been to be able to get to know everyone and see you all grow! This year has gone unbelievably fast and it sadness me that our lesson time together has come to an end. On the other hand, however, it brings me much joy to know that you are moving on to the next stages of your lives and how exciting that must be!

こんにちは、みんな!そして、朝陽幼稚園での 2023 ~ 2024 年の英語スピーキングクラスに関する最後のブログ投稿へようこそ!皆さんと知り合いになり、皆さんの成長を見ることができて本当にうれしかったです。今年は信じられないほど早く過ぎて、一緒にレッスンする時間が終わってしまうのが悲しいです。しかしその一方で、皆さんが人生の次のステージに進んでいることを知ると、とてもうれしく思います。それはどんなに楽しいことでしょう。


I hope you have all had a fun time with me, playing and learning in English and that you are able to take some of our lessons with you and use their contents in the future.



To briefly recap, this school year together we have looked at: Basic Introductions and questions, Jobs, Animals, Halloween, Things to Do on a Rainy day and many more. We also played a lot of games along the way ranging from some classics such as: Freeze, Simon Says, Marco Polo and some newer games including: Pass It On, Halloween Snap and most recently “Shoot Cupids Bow and the Heart Target” (still need to come up with a name for that one…).

I had a great time and hope you all did too.

簡単にまとめると、この学年では、基本的な紹介と質問、仕事、動物、ハロウィーン、雨の日にすることなどを一緒に考えてきました。また、途中で、Freeze、Simon Says、Marco Polo(マルコポーロ) などの古典的なゲームから、Pass It On、Halloween Snap、そして最近では「Shoot Cupids Bow and the Heart Target」などの新しいゲームまで、たくさんのゲームをプレイしました。その名前を考え出す必要があります…)。



Valentines’ Day Lesson:

For our valentines lesson we looked at relevant vocabulary and some of the cultural differences between how this day is celebrated in Japan and the rest of the world. Something you may not be aware of is that in a lot of western countries, there is no “White day”! Meaning, Valentines is primarily for the girls! Lucky!

One of our games for this one was having the class split into two teams and use “Cupid’s Bow and Arrow” and “Cupid’s Throwing Star” to try see which team could hit the heart target the most!

We also played “1,2,3” action and “Pass It On” to further practice and expand our vocabulary.



今回のゲームの 1 つは、クラスを 2 つのチームに分け、「キューピッドの弓矢」と「キューピッドの手裏剣」を使って、どちらのチームがより多くハート ターゲットを攻撃できるかを競うというものでした。

さらに練習して語彙を増やすために、「1、2、3」アクションと「Pass It On」もプレイしました。


1,2,3 action:

A simple vocabulary game where we connect 3 words with three actions (Chocolate with an eating gesture, heart with a heart gesture etc.). We then count up to three together and after three, everyone (including me) performs one of the 3 gestures. If any student performs the same gesture as me, that student is out!

1、2、3 アクション:

3 つの単語と 3 つのアクション (チョコレートと食べるジェスチャー、ハートとハートのジェスチャーなど) を結びつけるシンプルな語彙ゲームです。それから一緒に 3 まで数え、3 つ終わったら、全員 (私を含む) が 3 つのジェスチャーのいずれかを実行します。もし生徒が私と同じジェスチャーをしたら、その生徒はアウトです!


Pass It On:

A variation on the classic “Chinese Whispers”. Here, two teams line up and must say and pass a flashcard down their line while saying the vocabulary on that flashcard. Modifiers are also added to make things fun such as: pass the card over your head or under your feet. 


古典的な「チャイニーズ・ウィスパーズ」のバリエーション。ここでは、2 つのチームが並び、フラッシュカードに書かれている単語を言いながら、フラッシュカードを自分のラインに渡します。カードを頭の上や足の下に通すなど、楽しいことをするための修飾子も追加されています。

Final thoughts:

Thank you everyone for your hard work this year! Students and teachers included. Again, I have had a great time and hope you remember our classes together.

I wish you all the best for the future and who knows, I may see you around the school depending on what elementary you choose to go to!





Also, thank you ALL for you amazing art book you all gifted me. I love all of your fantastic drawings!



Sam Nightingale



Words and sentences:






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